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MS pump

Water supply , coal mining water transferring system , high pressure water system, booster system .

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Detailed parameters


1. Design 

    MSB seriers pumps are used for the boiler feeding system.
    Used for Pure ,slightly pollouted  and gressive liquid with a viscosity of up to 150 mm2/s。
    Ball Bearing ,Roll bearing and slip bearing for different applications.
    Impeller balance is achieved with back wear ring and balance holes. Speical for the slef balance type.

2. Fields of Applications

In pump relatively clean liquids with small solide in:

  • Long distence water transfer

  • High building water supply

  • Industrial factory or mineing water transfer

  • Fire fighting systems

  • Heating supply and air condition system 

  • Industry circulating water system

3. Technical specifications

    Capacity up to 500 m3/h

    Head up to 1200 m

    Temperature range -20℃~ 110℃

    MSB temperature up to 160 °