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MC pump

Chemical industry system , oil ang gas process system, API 610 PUMP .

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Detailed parameters

Product features
The series pump is a horizontal and horizontal multistage

pump, according to the BB4 API610 structure design. Ba-

lance drum structure to balance the axial force, centripe-

tal thrust bearing and radial bearing with bear residual;

suction pump type impeller design to improve the anti

cavitation performance; according to the different medi-

um temperature selection of different structures, the foot

bearing type and the center bearing type; flexible in lay- 

out of export meet different users. According to the media,

the API682 standard is suitable for sealing flushing and

cooling method. From the drive end, the pump clockwise


Application field

Suitable for conveying pure, slightly corrosive liquid.
Mainly used in thermal power plant, oil refinery, petroc-

hemical industry, cooling heating system, urban water

supply device.

Technical specifications

Capacity up to 600 m3/h

Head up to 1200 m

Pressure up to 15 Mpa

Temperature range -50℃~ 180℃