Movable pump station


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    High self priming well point pump are joint designed by  DRAKOS PUMP of Singapore and REEOFLO company of Germany.This series of pump can transport all kinds of clean, neutral and corrosive medium containing particles. Solve a lot of traditinal self-priming pump faults.  This kind of self-priming pump unique dry running structure will be automatic startup and restart  without liquid for first start,  The suction head can be more than 9 m  ;Excellent hydraulic design and unique structure keep the high efficiency more than 75%.  

SPDW PUMPS have different structure installation for optional.

SPDW mounted on the trailer , SPDW-X Mounted on the common base plate.

Multi-purpose solution

Standard sump pumping

Slurry & semi solid material

Well pointing - high vacuum pump capacity

•Dry running applications

• 24 hour reliability

• Designed for high ambient environments

Market Sectors

• Building & Construction – well pointing and sump pumping

Water & Waste – over pumping and systems by pass

Quarries & Mines – sump pumping

Emergency Water Control – sump pumping

• Docks, Ports & Harbors – sump pumping and stabilization of loads