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Tongke Flow RTU 2100 For Safety Protection Running System

pump control system
Detailed parameters
The HLU-2100 is a low power consumption controller for pump control system, ultra-thin, stainless steel bottom
plate glass top cover, elegant and chic, to meet the needs of users for high-density and high-integration field
applications. With built-in Wi-Fi module, device parameters can be configured on site through mobile APP, which
improves the efficiency of on-site operation.
The equipment is equipped with multi-channel intelligent interface, which can be connected to the vast majority of
intelligent instruments in the field. The internal software is compatible with hydrology and water resources standard
agreement, and can meet the application requirements of river hydrology, water resources, moisture content,
meteorology and irrigation areas.
The HLU - 2100 uses the 32-bit processor, low power consumption on the premise of guarantee performance greatly
reduces the power consumption, external interface terminals for quick free tool, improve the efficiency of the field
wiring, system maintenance to bring huge convenience, working temperature range for - 40 ~ 70 , humidity
range of 0 ~ 95%, and can meet the requirements of field unattended working environment.
The HLU-2100 is a pump monitoring system to remember, record the present pump events running. As part of a
complete TONGKE pumping system, it helps reduce costs over the pump’s lifetime by facilitating maintenance and
assuring safe operation. Detailed operation data can be accessed via HLU-2100 for immediate analysis using a
standard web browser on a PC (no special software required), or alternatively transferred to a higher level system
such as a SCADA system. 

More details:RTU  CATALOGUE.pdf