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MV pump

Irrigation with big capacity and low head water pump , Long shaft running .


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Detailed parameters

Joint development designed by DRAKOS PUMP of Singapore and TONGKE FLOW company .Axial flow or mixed flow propeller,optional Wear ring .Normal supply the gland packing seal, other seals type are optional.The motor installation base can be separate with the pump installation base .

The medium and small pump drive part is directly driven by a vertical motor, and the vertical motor is arranged on the motor seat, and connected with the driving shaft through the flexible coupling. The m-

otor seat is equipped with a radial bearing and a thrust bearing, which is lubricated with grease or oil,

and the power of the large bearing box is provided with a water cooling interlayer. Large pump with large vertical motor, directly mounted on the motor foundation beam, the motor shaft flange and water pump shaft flange (hinge Kong Zhi) with the bolt connection. Pump axial force by the large vertical motor thrust bearing. Down from the motor side, the pump is clockwise rotation.

Technical specifications

Capacity up to 15000 m3/h

Head up to 20 m

Pressure up to 0.6 MPa

Temperature range -20℃~ 60℃