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SPDW pump

Sea water supply , sea water fire fighting , sea water transferring , desalination system , ship emergency pump


Detailed parameters


Joint development designed by DRAKOS PUMP of Singapore and REEOFLO of Germany company .
Synchronous priming, Dri-prime up to 9.5 m .
Extensive applicaton flexiblility hading sewage slurries with solids up to  75 mm .
SPDW mounted on the trailer , SPDW-X Mounted on the common base plate.

MultI-purpose solution

Standard sump pumping

Slurry & semi solid material

Well pointing - high vacuum pump capacity

•Dry running applications

• 24 hour reliability

• Designed for high ambient environments

Market Sectors

• Building & Construction – well pointing and sump pumping

Water & Waste – over pumping and systems bypass

Quarries & Mines – sump pumping

Emergency Water Control – sump pumping

• Docks, Ports & Harbors – sump pumping and stabilization of loads

Technical specifications

  Capacity up to 2500 m3/h

  Head up to 80 m

  Temperature range -20℃~ 60 ℃

  Suction head up to 9.5 m