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ASNV pump

water supply , Irrigation , water transferring ,Booster system , cooling water system.

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Detailed parameters


High efficiency hydraulic design, single stage double

suction impeller, the double bearing support structure.

Ideal for heavy duty applications and  continuous

service .

Used for pure ,slightly pollouted  and gressive liquid

with a viscosity of up to 150 mm2/s,solid particles less

than 2 mm.

Safe the place of installation.

Save installation space, convenient maintenance.

Fields of Applications

In pump relatively clean liquids with small solide in:

  • Long distence water transfer

  •  Municipal water supply

  • industrial washing process

  • Fire fighting systems

  • Heating supply and air condition system 

  • Irrigation system

  • Other cooling and heating relatively clean pumps system

Technical specifications

   Capacity up to 3500 m3/h

   Head up to 200m

   Pressure up to 2.5Mpa

   Temperature range -10℃~110℃