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AVS/MVS pump

Big flow water supply , water transferring , flood control, irrigation .

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Detailed parameters

Structure design
MVS/AVS series submersible axial flow pump by Singapore DRAKOS company and Shanghai

with the United Development of the company. The impeller uses a axial flow impeller or

mixed flow impeller, the pump body can be provided with the wear ring structure. Acco-

rding to the application requirements for sandproof device applied to wear. MVS series

submersible axial flow pump new pump flow rate than the old pump 20%. Efficiency is

higher than the old pump 3%-5%. Adjustable blade type MVS series pump has the

advantages of large capacity, wide head width, high efficiency, wide application range.
1. pumping station is small, the construction is simple, the investment is greatly redu-

ced, this can save 3 construction cost 30%-40%;
2. the series of pumps is a simple maintenance.
3 .low noise long life.
MVS series submersible pump of the material can be cast iron, ductile iron, copper or

stainless steel.

Technical specifications

Capacity up to 13000 m³/h

 Head up to 20 m

 Pressure up to 0.6 Mpa

 Temperature range -20℃~ 60℃