Variable frequency high voltage motor

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  Brushless doubly fed motor as in recent years, the development of a new type of  motor speed control, it has two sets of two sets of stator windings (power winding and control winding), and the rotor can be the reluctance type, winding type, or a combination of composite rotor, without slip rings and brushes. This kind of motor has the advantages of the reluctance motor, the induction motor and the excitation synchronous motor. The motor is used to realize the general motors.

  The brushless doubly fed machine for large and medium-sized AC motor speed control system, power winding by the high frequency power supply, while the control winding by low power low voltage inverter power supply, can greatly reduce the cost of speed control system, especially suitable for in large wind machine, the mechanical pump for speed regulation and energy saving control.

  Currently used in VSCF wind power generation system is a brush structure of doubly fed motor, the brush and slip ring wear and corrosion is affect the operation reliability of the weak links. Brushless doubly fed machine with brushless doubly fed machine can improve the operation reliability of the generator, brushless doubly fed machine has a good application prospect in wind power generation.