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LY pump

Industrial water supply , under base water transferring , special liquid transferring

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Detailed parameters



The series pump is single - stage, single - suction, radial

split liquid pump. 80mm above the flange outlet diameter

of double spiral case structure, reduce the radial force ca-

used by the hydraulic force and the vibration of the pump

shaft, while the pump shaft is designed by the pump body

 and sliding bearing in the bearing support, to ensure the

smooth operation of the pump.
LYG for the improvement of LY, according to the VS4 str-

ucture of the API610 design, bearing lubrication way to u-

se the lubrication effect of a good lubrication, according to

 the media, the use of API682 standard suitable for sealing

flushing and cooling. From the drive end, the pump clock-

wise rotation.

Application field
Suitable for conveying all kinds of clean or polluted medium.
Chemical industry, paper making, food industry
Power plant, steel plant, sewage treatment plant
Cement plant
Environmental protection project

Technical specifications

 Capacity up to 1500 m3/h

 Head up to 120m

 Pressure up to 2.5Mpa

Temperature range -20℃~180℃