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HPK pump


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Detailed parameters


  1. Design

    Joint development designed by DRAKOS PUMP of Singapore and TONGKE FLOW company.
    Used in hot water and hot oil pipeline and circulation system.
    Low NPSH and convenient maintenance.
    Hot water is up to 250 ℃;Hot oil can reach 350 ℃.

  2. Transport medium
    All kinds of temperature and concentration of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, salt
    Acid and phosphoric acid and other inorganic acids and organic acids
    Alkaline solution of sodium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide at various temperatures and concentrations.
    Various salt solutions
    All kinds of liquid petroleum chemical products, organic compounds. And other corrosive materials and products.

  3. Technical specifications

     Capacity up to 2500 m3/h

     Head up to 200m

     Pressure up to 7.5 Mpa

     Temperature range -20℃~350 ℃